Create your wallet

Step 1

Set up your wallet

Download MetaMask or another ERC-20 compatible wallet of your choice. Install it and securely store your seed phrase.

Step 2

Load Up on Ethereum

Head over to our website at and find the Pre-sale section. It’s displayed on the homepage.

Step 3

Visit the pre-sale

Head over to our website and find the pre-sale container. It should be prominently displayed on the homepage or under a specific tab, such as “Token Sale.”

Step 4

Connect & Buy

Click the “Buy Now” button, connect your wallet to our website, and input the number of tokens you want. Double-check the token amount and the required ETH, then hit “Buy Now”.

Visual Guide Step 1

Click the Buy Now button under the pre-sale container to start the buy procedure.

Step 2

Choose your wallet.

Step 3

Enter the amount, double check and click Buy Now to initialize payment.

Step 4

Check the value of tokens you will receive and press Confirm.

Step 5

Authorize the payment from your Wallet.

Step 6

Congratulations, Welcome to Cloak Protocol family. 

Cloak Protocol is a privacy-focused DeFi platform. Join our DAO and revolutionize the DeFi space while protecting your financial privacy.

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